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WITS (What Is This Sorcery) stands at the forefront of the trading card game evolution, masterfully blending physical collectibles with the interactive dynamism of digital gameplay. In a genre where strategy and lore often intersect, WITS sets itself apart by integrating cutting-edge technology to elevate player engagement and time investment, creating a game that is as rewarding to collect physically as it is to play digitally.

Collect Cards Physically AND Digitally

WITS distinguishes itself with a dual-format card system. Players can collect and trade physical cards embedded with NFC chips, which not only hold value as collectibles but also integrate seamlessly into digital battles. This innovative approach allows players to bring their physical card collections into online arenas, battling against opponents from around the world in real-time, strategic matchups.

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Make your choice of 10 Faction specific starter decks or get the Build and Battle kit to get 2 full decks, special edition play mat, dice counters, and game guide to play with a friend right away!

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"That was a really fun one, it had everything. The story each card bore was immersive, found my new favorite TCG now"
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"The seamless integration of physical and digital gameplay in WITS is a game-changer. I can't get enough of it!"
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"The dynamic gameplay and stunning card designs of WITS make every match an adventure. Absolutely love it!"
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